Traduits en anglais par Nicholas Cortin.

Dancing with demons (Titre original : Farandole infernale)

287 pages - 15 €

Joubert the cop from Crime Squad, Forestier the shrink and Sabrina the journalist thought they'd seen everything, experienced it all. In their worst nightmares they'd never imagined a case like this one.
Here's a real page-turner. And a vibrant critique of a society that can be cruel and often irresponsible.

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Serial killer (Titre original : Meurtres entre les deux tours)

278 pages - 15 €
One thing and one only is certain. The Atlantic port of La Rochelle has a crazed serial killer on the loose. Two young lads and a girl are found strangled. How many to follow ? As the town reels from the horror, the pressure is intense on a trio probing the who-what-when-where-why.
They are : a crime squad lieutenant, a psychoanalyst and a woman journalist.
“A story to get your teeth into !” (Sud Ouest 26/07/1997).
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